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Despite being considered a risky link-building method, PBN links are still effective for SEO optimization. You can either gain a lot of link juice for your site or incur Google penalties. Using this tool correctly is essential, as well as knowing which PBN links will be safe for your SEO campaign. Just like selecting the best fruits for making juice, your task will be to find the best networks for obtaining quality PBN links. Link-building experts are well-versed in this, so with their help, you won’t risk getting rotten fruits for your juice — meaning you’ll achieve the best results without facing penalties from search engines. Want that?

What Are PBN Backlinks

PBN backlinks are links from networks of interconnected websites, blogs, and other web resources that appear independent but are actually created as a syndicate specifically to improve the rankings of selected sites. Your website may be among those selected when you purchase PBN backlinks. The main goal of these actions is to enhance your pages’ ranking in search engine results and increase site authority. PBN is a network often created from expired and deleted domains, which other owners acquire. Thus, these sites have a long history and high reputation that the PBN owner can maintain, and the better they do it, the higher quality links you receive.

The PBN backlinks meaning for your SEO promotion is quite apparent: sites and blogs from such networks share their authority with the new site, especially those networks using premium hosting plans that cannot be traced, detected, or exposed. Obtaining such links increases your site’s chances of success. However, be cautious: using links from networks is not considered white-hat SEO. It’s essential to distinguish a secure PBN from an ordinary one and reject collaborations that potentially pose more risk than benefit.

Powerful PBN Backlinks: Fast ROI

PBN links can really juice up your barrel — it’s a compelling website promotion method, and that’s why it’s still so popular. You can advocate for white-hat strategies all you want, and that’s a great idea. But PBN is what changes the game. With PBN links, you can boost your website’s rankings, improve its position in search results, and thereby attract more customers. It works well for various niches, especially for online stores, and specifically for seasonal products that need to be sold at precisely the time when demand for them is the highest. However, it’s essential to start working on link building earlier. For example, winter preparation should begin as early as summer or at least from autumn. Then it will really bring the expected results.

Quick Return on InvestmentLess Effort RequiredHome Page LinksMore Potential Clients
PBN backlinks are a strategy that yields relatively fast results. If you need a significant boost in search engine results and are looking for the most efficient way to achieve it quickly, this strategy will work best.From the client’s perspective, the only and most challenging task of ordering PBN backlinks is finding a reliable provider of such links. Once you have such a provider, all that’s left is to place the order.Client site links can even be obtained from the homepage of an outdated but authoritative site. This will yield even better results, as the juice from such links is higher than those from blogs.Get a more potentially interested audience for your marketing funnel — increase your KPI BOFU. Some site visitors convert into clients at the lowest price per lead.

Main Reasons for Industry Pros to Order SEO PBN Backlinks with Links.me

A quality backlink provider is your key to success. Use our professional PBN backlinks software to outshine your competitors. You can trust the vendor’s reliability and know that you are using safe link sources by choosing a quality PBN network. Those who rely on PBN backlinks software don’t leave things to chance or walk on thin ice — they know the exact path because they receive a compass that won’t fail them. Here are a few more secrets that allow you to act safely and receive quality services.

Carefully Curated List of Donors

We manually selected every website from which you can get backlinks. Each one has been vetted before being added to the collection. This means that in the SEO process, you can save time on these actions because they’ve already been done for you. During the verification process, we focused on indicators such as history, traffic acquisition models, transition domains, activity spikes, and other essential criteria for the security of your site. A thorough analysis and proper verification allow us to guarantee the quality of the backlinks you receive in this way.

Premium Hosting Plans

Shared hosting plans for website networks are a trick that Google has long figured out. We cannot allow you to use backlinks obtained from such networks, as you risk being penalized by the search engine. That’s not what you’re looking for. Therefore, we ensure a clean slate: each platform in the syndicate has an exclusive dedicated IP address belonging to premium hosting. Don’t make rookie mistakes — choose backlinks from sites hosted on premium hosting to avoid unnecessary difficulties.

Diversification of Registries/Registrars

We purchase Whois protection for every digital asset we manage. We do this for the same reasons we choose premium hosting — to ensure data confidentiality and comply with strict security rules. Domain buyers also have dozens of accounts and email addresses to purchase such assets without risks.

Anti Crawling Measures

The site should enter the network naturally and, therefore, very slowly. To avoid being penalized by Google, we first scan the site for reliability and whether it is listed in the databases of tools like AHREFS, SEMRush, and others. We allow backlink placement on such domains only after ensuring its safety and reliability. This is done as organically as possible to avoid suspicion from the search engine, making it the best possible solution.

Meticulous Placement with no Patterns

When backlink placement occurs organically, there is no pattern to how many resources start referring to your platform. Once a pattern is detected, suspicion in Google’s algorithms is raised. Therefore, we advise you not to rush and place links as naturally as possible simply by using the benefits offered by PBN. Links.me managers ensure that links to the client’s site come from various sources and at different times, maintaining a live and natural picture, as happens with organic promotion without PBN links.

PBN Maintenance

High security is a set of rules that we strictly adhere to. Links.me webmasters rigorously follow procedural consistency and compliance with all requirements. This is done to ensure that you do not encounter risks. By doing so, we expend more effort and time than we could, but it gives both you and us confidence that you are receiving quality links. Even after you have obtained results, we continue to work on this, replenishing asset sites with valuable organic content so that the quality of your links not only does not diminish over time but grows.

When You May Need to Buy PBN Backlinks

Links.me team aligns with white-hat SEO methods. Methods such as press release distribution, publishing high-quality guest posts, collaborating with bloggers, and working on increasing the authoritativeness and expertise of the site are key promotion strategies for us. We know that organic methods used by white-hat practitioners are effective, reliable, and safe, albeit slower to yield results than other methods. Nevertheless, we continue replenishing PBN backlinks lists, allowing you to visually and legally navigate your way to the top faster than your competitors. We work to ensure that even these networks are organic and truly valuable. From your side, we expect you to use the available tools correctly, just like other clients who have decided to buy PBN backlinks.

SEO AgenciesOther PNBsSMB Owners
If you think SEO experts are unaware of the powerful impact of PBN backlinks and utilize them, you are mistaken. They apply this secret organically, so it goes unnoticed. Knowing how to build high-quality link profiles, SEO companies achieve sustainable success. You can do the same.If you own a PBN, you know that repetitive patterns lead to risks. Barter cooperation terms allow us to jointly expand the network of available donors for link publication. You publish ours, and we publish yours. This confuses algorithms’ signals and prevents them from establishing connections. The exchange of such services between syndicate networks is a mutually beneficial and valuable partnership.Increase website rankings in search results, receive more traffic to expand the top tier of the marketing funnel, and achieve higher conversions on seasonal products — you can do all this by leveraging the benefits of PBN backlinks.

Master PBN Backlinks for unbeatable website ranking

Be cautious when using PBN backlinks; it’s crucial. If you decide to go this route alone and search for vendors without external help, you can do it, and you already know what criteria to focus on in your search. Please do not ignore or skip any of them so PBN backlinks benefit you rather than invite punishment from Google. Remember that even though you operate within the law, search algorithms perceive low-quality backlinks as digital crimes and impose restrictions on sites that use such promotion methods. That is, if you get caught. If not, and you’re careful, everything will be fine. Keep a few valuable tips in mind to ensure you get the best results. Don’t ignore any — adhere to each one. This will help increase your chances of Google never noticing your cheating.

Explore Your Options with an SEO Pro

Be sure to consult with an SEO agency or specific specialist if you have never engaged in promotion but have decided to improve your site’s rankings with PBN backlinks. If you have more time and aren’t in a rush to get results here and now, it’s better to develop your platform and avoid risks organically. We can also help you with PBN links, but context matters. The viability of such a decision needs to be weighed in each specific situation. If you’re niche testing, launching a new domain, testing hypotheses, or if the situation is critical, and you need to quickly but with minimal risk surge ahead, PBN will be your lifesaver. But when you have the time and resources for content marketing, SERM, working with blogs and guest publications, and other white-hat methods, we still recommend them as a safer and more peaceful alternative.

Be Prepared for Potential Risks

Promoting with PBN backlinks is the niche where no one gives a 100% security guarantee, so you assume this responsibility every time you use PBN. Be prepared for the risk every time you use PBN. It may happen that backlinks bring less traffic than expected, and that’s in the best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, the algorithm recognizes the cheating scheme and de-indexes such links or even lowers the domain authority to which this link leads (i.e., your site). So, when you step into this river, be prepared to get wet, even if you have a wetsuit. Be moderate. Use PBN when it really makes sense.

Think About Creating Your Own Mini PBN

“If buying links is so difficult, wouldn’t it be better to create my own network of sites that will link to my site and improve my rankings?” This question has been around for over a decade, and in certain cases, when you are ready to invest in your own network of donor sites, it makes sense. Let’s say you notice that someone did not renew the domain — you can buy this asset, then another one, and create your own network. But to minimize risks, you must adhere to all those security rules we’ve already discussed, such as maintaining confidentiality, using premium hosting, and so on. Need more knowledge and experience to set up your network of sites while meeting all requirements? Our managers are here for you to help.

Make Sure to Pick Up Only Trustworthy PBNs

Our team is experienced and reputable in digital marketing and search engine optimization. We can help you avoid the risks associated with black-hat SEO methods. Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your backlink goals.

Find Your Ideal Private Blogging Network Service

At Links.me, we understand that each case is unique when it comes to placing links with private blog networks. Our team will work with you to create a customized package that meets your specific needs. 

If you’re curious about the costs associated with this service, we’ve provided some ballpark figures to help you plan your budget. If you need more information, our managers are here to explain all the details.

DA 50+DA 60+DA 70+
10 sites of DA 50+High Relevance1 Do-Follow Link1 Week Turnaround10 sites of DA 60+High Relevance1 Do-Follow Link1 Week Turnaround10 sites of DA 70+High Relevance1 Do-Follow Link1 Week Turnaround
From $300From $400From $500
Order NowOrder NowOrder Now

SEO Insights

Why Are PBNs Bad?

PBNs cheat the system when it comes to acquiring backlinks. While Google strives to create equal opportunities for all websites and promote only those that are the most qualitative and reliable, it prefers organic referrals to your site. Any paid backlinks are considered somewhat unfair. From this perspective, PBNs are manipulations that Google does not tolerate. When it detects a pattern, it deactivates such links or blocks the entire network altogether.

How do I Find PBN Sites?

When you use a quality PBN backlink service like Links.me, you shield yourself from low-quality networks that Google quickly identifies and blocks. When you seek quality, Links.me can help by offering placement in a private blog network. Sites in the network are hosted on premium hosting and have additional protection.

Are PBNs Considered Black Hat SEO?

In practice, not all SEO professionals adhere strictly to white-hat techniques: the existence of PBN syndicates and their popularity are evidence of this. But what about PBNs? Since they involve significant manipulation with quick results, this method is unequivocally labeled as black-hat SEO.

Can I Be Penalized for Using a Private Blog Network(PBN)?

Risks are possible. Your site may be penalized by Google, leading to the deactivation of suspicious backlinks or even decreasing search engine rankings. Sometimes, the website may be entirely blocked. The more signals of manipulation the algorithm receives and the more serious the violations, the more catastrophic the consequences. Protection can only be achieved by acting cautiously: following an organic pattern, using premium hosting plans, and safeguarding owner data and domain history confidentiality within the syndicate. There are other protection methods as well. It’s optimal to apply them all when it comes to PBN syndicates and backlinks obtained from such sites.

Do PBNs Still Work? See for Yourself

 [here, you can also provide a few cards from your site library with cases and their metrics]

Where can I get PBN links?

Would you like to improve your website’s reputation by acquiring links from our reliable private blogging network partners?

Follow these steps: 

  1. Define your goals and reasons for link-building with PBN.
  2. Get our plan and cost estimate with XYZ.
  3. Pre-approve all materials we provide.
  4. Receive reports with link screenshots.
  5. Watch your domain’s authority improves, and your website attracts new quality users.


What are PBN backlinks?

PBN is a network of authoritative websites that manipulate search engine rankings by creating backlinks to a target site through expired domains with existing authority.

How to create PBN backlinks?

To create PBN backlinks, buy expired domains with relevant authority, set them up with unique content and design, and strategically link to your target site while ensuring natural anchor text distribution.

Why do PBNs lose backlinks?

Over time, PBNs can lose backlinks due to algorithm updates, domain expiration, or lack of maintenance/content updates.

How long do PBN backlinks affect ranking?

PBN backlinks can provide a temporary ranking boost, but their effectiveness diminishes over time. Sustainable improvement in ranking requires diverse, high-quality backlinks and valuable content.

How much do PBN backlinks cost?

PBN backlink costs depend on domain quality, quantity, and provider pricing. Prices range from a few to hundreds of dollars per backlink. Invest in reputable providers and high-quality domains to avoid penalties and ensure effectiveness.

How to hide your PBN backlinks?

To hide PBN backlinks, blend them naturally into the site’s link profile, vary anchor text, integrate them within relevant content, use nofollow attributes, and maintain a diverse backlink profile.