SEO texts are posts and articles created in accordance with the requirements of search engines. At the same time, they should be comprehensive and helpful to the reader. They always answer specific search requests and contain specialized keywords and LSI words. With proper optimization, the page can get to the top of Google.

Such texts are written either by in-house SEO copywriters or by third-party writing companies. Such services are in demand on the market since high-quality SEO guarantees an increase in organic traffic and, accordingly, a rise in sales. Below, we will explore all the nuances of optimizing your website using SEO.

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How to create SEO text?

Google and other search engines are continuously improving their website ranking algorithms. To successfully promote a website to the top of a search engine, it is not enough just to know the principles of SEO well — you also need to follow innovations in this area. However, there are still principles for creating texts that specialists rely on.

So, every copywriter must understand that they write texts primarily for people and only then — for search engines. The principle of utility and value should be a priority. The SEO articles you order for your site should have a clear structure, titles that make them easy to read, and answers to user questions.

Another critical aspect is the technical component of the text. The article should organically include the keywords that users use to find needed products or services. There should not be too many of them; otherwise, the search engine will perceive your site negatively. Obviously, the text should not contain grammatical or punctuation errors. The table below provides a more detailed algorithm for creating a high-quality SEO text.

1. Research keywords.2. Plan.3. Write the text.4. Check and proofread.
A keyword list is a set of words and phrases that best match the page’s topic. It should reflect the readers’ ideas about what information should be present on the site. The first step of compiling it is research. Numerous tools can help you with this task. It is also important to use LSI words, which will help search engines understand the general topic of your website.After keyword research, it is necessary to draw up a plan for the future text. Most often, the content of small commercial SEO articles follows approximately the same pattern. The introduction consists of one or two paragraphs, and its purpose is to grab the readers’ attention. What follows is the main body of the text, consisting of several sections. Each section has its subheading — H2 or H3. Sometimes subheadings of lower levels are used. Ideally, each section and even each paragraph should clearly reveal one side of the topic. The text ends with a conclusion consisting of one paragraph.After identifying keywords and creating a structure, the actual writing of the text follows. An experienced copywriter skillfully conveys the necessary information, answers readers’ questions, and, at the same time, incorporates keywords and LSI words into the text. Thematic tables or diagrams can be also added to the article. It is recommended to compose sentences of different lengths so that the text is not monotonous. Be sure to divide the text into small paragraphs (no more than 3-7 lines). During the editing stage, it is important to correct punctuation and spelling and ensure the text is not overloaded with keywords. It is also necessary to edit the article in accordance with the general style of the materials posted on the site. You can check your grammar using various services that will highlight any errors. Be sure to check your text for uniqueness: the level of plagiarism should usually not exceed 5-10%, but for some niches, this figure may be higher.

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Advantages of SEO texts

If a regular text is written considering how the seller would like to present their product, an SEO text takes into account the algorithms by which search engines “read” the most relevant content. Google analyzes the content of website pages and ranks them based on whether the content matches the user’s query.

The main task of an SEO text is to help a website improve its position in Google by correctly using the most frequent user queries. Thus, SEO articles help bring a site to the first page of search results, attract more visitors, and increase sales. This is not the only benefit of optimization — the main benefits that website owners receive are presented in the table below.

You reach relevant audiencesIt can be more cost-effective than running paid advertisingOptimized content helps you connect with customers
Appearing at the top of search results virtually guarantees that people who are already interested in your products and services will read your article. They’ve already made an active choice to search for specific content, so your SEO article or blog post is more likely to be relevant to their interests. This will increase the likelihood of them getting into your sales funnel and significantly improve your conversion rate.If you use contextual advertising, you must pay for each click. With SEO, you pay for a service to write optimized text, but the result is a huge amount of organic traffic. Every click on your site won’t cost you a cent. Moreover, if an article ranks first in Google search results and does not contain the “Advertising” tag, users will trust it more.A well-optimized article provides clear answers to user questions and helps you quickly gain the favor of potential customers. Readers feel heard, and their brand loyalty increases. Since the article was written for a specific request and a specific target audience, the conversion rate of SEO articles is usually higher than that of paid publications.

How do you create high-quality SEO texts?

To write high-quality SEO text, you need to have a good understanding of the needs of the target audience, be able to use keyword analysis services, know the rules of text structuring, and have many other professional skills. SEO copywriters have been writing similar articles for many years and are well-versed in the specifics of different niches. They can take your task and, in a short time, present a result that will help your website rank at the top of Google results.

The second option to solve this problem is to write it yourself or train your team. This may take a long time, but it has one big advantage. You will understand how the optimization process works and will be able to check the quality of outsourced texts. Whichever option you choose, tips for writing quality SEO texts will be useful to you.

1. Select and use keywords correctly

Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into the Google search bar. Using these keys, search engines determine what topic your site is dedicated to and whether the text on the page matches the user’s request. During the optimization process, you need to select popular key phrases and use them when writing text. Less popular queries should also be used but inserted into the text with less frequency. It is also necessary to use in the text phrases logically related to the key query — LSI words.

2. Estimate text volume

The volume of text depends on the topic of the site. If SEO text is written for a commercial page (for example, a service description), 2,000 to 4,000 characters with spaces will be sufficient. In sections and subsections of online store catalogs, you can place small texts — up to 1,000 characters with spaces. For informational articles, the volume can range from 4,000-6,000 characters and even more.

3. Think about your headlines

For an SEO article, it is necessary to come up with an informative, eye-catching, understandable title that should include keywords and phrases and motivate the visitor to read. You should also use subheadings of H2-H5 tags (for not-too-long text, only second and third-level headings are enough). You can also insert keywords into them, but you need to make sure that they look natural.

4. Fill in meta tags correctly

Meta tags are important for optimization. They include a title and description. The text of the title tag helps search engines understand what exactly your material is about and how closely it matches the user’s search request. It should contain the primary keyword, and its optimal length is 70-80 characters.

The meta description tag is a small description of the text, 2-3 sentences long. It is usually located just below the title, but recently, Google began using the most relevant text from the site instead. You can also add a main keyword, as well as several additional ones.

5. Determine the text structure

If you are going to write an informational article, it should consist of four parts. The introduction briefly outlines the essence of the article. This is a very important part of the text that should interest readers and encourage them to read further. In addition, it is advisable to have a main keyword in the introduction.

The main part consistently reveals all the questions of the article. For ease of reading, the text is divided into small paragraphs and subsections. The bottom line offers a conclusion and, perhaps, a call to action.

6. Take care of the formatting of articles and ease of reading

An SEO article is written primarily for users, so the ease of perception of the text plays a big role. Texts that are convenient and pleasant to read receive higher rankings in search engines. We mentioned above that the article should be divided into subsections and paragraphs. Additionally, search engines love it when there are lists on a page. They are also useful for presenting different types of information. If appropriate, you can add tables, pictures, or infographics to your site. All of these methods increase reader retention rates and also lead to higher rankings.

7. Write unique texts

Articles with low uniqueness are not ranked by search engines, so after writing the text, you need to check it using special online services. The uniqueness should be 90-100%. But if the topic is very narrow, for example, technical, legal, or medical, then 80% uniqueness is enough for promotion. It is important to note that when you order an article, you indicate which service should be used to check the uniqueness, and the performers will send you a report.

8. Check the grammar

Errors in the text are not welcomed by either search robots or real users. A large number of errors will negatively affect behavioral factors, which will lead to a decrease in a site’s ranking in search results. If you are not sure that you can correct all spelling and punctuation errors yourself, check the text before publishing in a special service or reach a proofreader for help. A well-known technique that helps evaluate a text for consistency and ease of comprehension is reading the article out loud.

9. Don’t forget about cross-linking

The more time a user spends on your site, the higher it will be rated by search engines. To keep the user longer and offer them more useful information, use interlinks to other pages of the site (the content of which has some points of contact with your text). Such a system of internal links will connect the pages of the site and help visitors find the information they need.

Choose your ideal SEO writing service is a team that specializes in creating high-quality SEO texts for businesses. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, our specialists successfully write articles in the fields of IT, finance, e-commerce, entertainment, trade, and others. Every SEO copywriter has at least several years of experience and an extensive portfolio. Even if you have a very tight deadline, we can quickly provide you with a high-quality article. We strictly follow your requirements and guarantee that the result will be of the highest level.

Our company works with SME entrepreneurs, large businesses, SEO specialists, and any other clients who want to rise in Google results. We offer flexible and favorable terms of cooperation. You can choose one of three packages depending on the number of texts and additional services you need. All available packages are presented in the table below.

Article WritingTechnical Articles5 Articles a Month
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From $50/1,000 wordsFrom $100/1,000 wordsFrom $200/5,000 words
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Insights about SEO writing

·     What is the essence of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to ensure that the promoted site is as high as possible in the search results for the necessary search requests. The set of such search queries is also called the keyword list of the site.

·     Why is it profitable to outsource the writing of SEO articles?

There are several reasons why you should delegate your SEO tasks to third-party experts. Firstly, such a decision is cost-effective. You will not need to hire a person on staff and pay them a monthly salary. You pay only for work completed. In addition, outsourcing is always ready to handle any number of tasks, even if your business is growing rapidly.

·     How long does it take to write an SEO article?

The time required to write an SEO article primarily depends on its length. A copywriter can finish a regular text of 3-5 thousand characters in a day, while writing long reads on a complex topic may take up to 3-5 days.

·     Is it possible to order an SEO text inexpensively?

Competition in the SEO writing services market is quite high. Therefore, you may find private contractors who will agree to write an SEO text for you at a low price. However, you need to understand the consequences of such a decision. The ordered article may be stuffed with keywords that will not look natural in the text. Also, the keyword list may not correspond to the theme of your site and customer requests. Therefore, we believe that it is better to contact experienced specialists who offer their services at a market price.

·     How much does it cost to pay someone to write an SEO text?

The cost of an SEO text depends on urgency, complexity, length, and a number of other factors. The level of competence of the specialist and the niche in which you work also matter. The average market price for such services is approximately $50-$100 per 1,000 words, but you can find cheaper and more varied options.

Examples of Quality SEO Articles


Get high-quality SEO texts at a competitive price employs dozens of leading experts in the field of SEO copywriting. They can solve any problem in this area and bring your website to the first pages of search engines. If you are ready to cooperate with us, the algorithm of your actions will look like this:

  1. Describe your request in detail. If you cannot accurately determine the details, consult with support managers.
  2. Determine the technical requirements for articles, their length, and keywords. Approve the project budget.
  3. Select the author to whom you want to entrust your assignment.
  4. Agree on a schedule for completing the task. Get the first draft and give feedback on possible changes.
  5. Get the final versions of your texts.
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What are SEO writing services?

These are services for writing optimized texts for your website. Typically, they are provided by companies that guarantee high-quality results and have extensive experience in this industry.

How can SEO writing services benefit my business?

SEO texts help bring a website to the first pages of organic search engine results. This, in turn, reduces advertising costs, increases sales, and improves customer relationships.

What differentiates SEO writing from regular content writing?

SEO writing focuses on both readers and search engines. Regular content writing focuses only on website visitors. Therefore, SEO texts include keywords related to queries that Internet users type into the Google search bar.

How do I choose the right SEO writing service provider?

First of all, focus on the provider’s reputation and customer reviews. Also, you need to familiarize yourself with the services carefully and understand that the performers can complete your tasks best.

Can SEO writing services guarantee a first-page ranking on Google?

SEO writing services guarantee the highest quality content based on best SEO practices. However, website promotion is usually a long-term task, and it depends not only on copywriters but on all specialists of the company. Therefore, the provider is responsible only for the maximum quality of texts.