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Online press release distribution is important at all stages of the conversion funnel. At the awareness stage, brand positioning is ensured by filling the first pages of search engines with information about interesting corporate events. This attracts the attention of potential customers. The subsequent creation of a strong backlink network significantly increases the authority of the site, which also positively affects search engine optimization results and, at the same time, advertising campaigns. Equally important is information about corporate news for customers. This approach helps build brand loyalty.

Do you want to break three hearts with one look? Achieve three smiles in one action? This is exactly the level of return on investment that our clients receive through regular news publications about their brands published by our selected media partners.

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When we’re done with the idea, we move towards to prototyping. At this step, we implement all your instructions and requirements to the product prototype. You’ll see in detail how everything will look like when the product is released.



We understand that every business is unique, and so are its needs. The discovery stage is where your needs and requirements are articulated. Then our professional team begins the research process, deep site analysis.



We begin the design process with well-thought-out strategic planning. Our specialist will define your specific business objectives, organize the content so that to meet the needs of your potential clients, visitors, or buyers.



This is the final stage of the website design process. Once you are satisfied with the approved design, we start testing it for possible bugs. We check your website on its features, test it internally and on various devices and browsers to make sure nothing’s been missed.



Our expert designers work with you to get the right picture of your new website and to consider all the wishes and requirements. This process includes diverse approvals, tests, reviews, and close communication.

Publish company news on your terms

We offer the most customized approach to creating a strong online presence for your brand. To do this, our client’s company news and updates are used as part of an extensive SEO strategy. This type of media coverage actively provides a strong foundation for content such as informative infographics, educational articles, influencer materials, and entertaining social media.

How to submit a press release with

Do you want to publicize your business with confidence and ease? For this purpose, we have a well-established network of reliable contacts in both specialized and local media. Our custom press release distribution services will help you publish content on reputable resources within a few days, which increases your domain’s DA.

Follow these steps to start an effective collaboration:

  1. Book a 15-minute online consultation with our experienced manager or choose a tariff plan right away.
  2. Get a list of media outlets that best meet your business requirements.
  3. Approve links and content until the level of narrative meets your expectations 100%.
  4. Monitor the media coverage of your press release.
  5. Order new services related to public relations because consistency in marketing is the foundation of success.

Why is it worth sending out press releases? Significant impact. Profitable investment

Press release online distribution is one of the most important and simple PR tactics that continues to be effective for millions of companies.

Have you heard that it is no longer used? Apple and Microsoft don’t think so. These business giants actively publish press releases. They spend a lot of time describing important events in a convenient format and publishing them online. Why don’t you consider this public relations technique for your marketing needs?

Or, perhaps, you have heard that Google’s algorithm does not take press releases seriously? This is not true if an author is responsible for the content. Usually, a well-written press release is used as the main and most truthful source of information about an event. At the same time, the text should contain relevant keywords in sufficient quantities. Its main task is to emphasize the brand’s services. One of the signs of a professionally written press release is a quote from a top manager. It can be used as an attractive link.





The main purpose of a press release is to inform all those interested in the brand about the company’s news. It can be a planned launch of a product, the appointment of a CEO, or even an official statement about an event that has gained a lot of publicity. Press releases are also needed to inform partners, customers, and stakeholders. They are an effective means of creating a company’s image and help increase customer loyalty.  A particularly important PR mission is to create a positive corporate image. This task is crucial for the overall value of the brand because there are only 10 positions on the first page of Google, which everyone wants to get to. So, a public relations professional will make sure that the first 10 or, maybe, even 20 mentions are only good ones. High-quality informational content goes a long way toward creating a solid foundation for positive online brand mentions. Of course, a press release backlink is not as valuable in terms of SEO weight as a regular online link. However, it is still a very significant positive signal for search engine algorithms, which primarily indicates the authority of your domain. In this aspect, you should pay attention to Fortune 500 companies. They issue dozens of different press releases every month about their charity events, financial activities, and management changes. Such consistent behavior and wide distribution of news make these links even more valuable. Particular attention should be paid to SERM. It uses the suppression of negativity in the media and, thus, displaces unfavorable mentions of the brand from the first page of Google search. Publishing high-quality press releases about positive events in the company significantly contributes to the success of this SERM method. It is important to remember that when marketers are tasked to distribute a press release, they try to post it on several of the most authoritative resources for domain and IP diversification reasons.

Clients who order press release distribution services

Public relations and digital marketing are extremely closely interconnected. They influence each other’s advantages and disadvantages. Press releases, as SEO best practices, are quite simple and popular. The team receives many orders from small and medium-sized businesses to create and publish such materials. Large companies usually buy specialized backlink packages, which helps them significantly reduce organizational efforts and save time.


PR Experts

SEO Pros

For large companies that started in garages or home offices, the “fake it until you make it” approach worked. Distributing press releases makes it possible for a small company to look like a major league online.A tip from a pro?Add an interesting, meaningful quote about a current event in the company or something significant, such as a new CEO appointment. This will increase the positive impact on your readers. Public relations officers, as well as PR agencies that serve a very wide range of companies, are the core of our client base that is engaged in news dissemination.Therefore, they need to reach out to industry trade press. It’s important to ensure that their tone, choice of publishers, and timing are in line with a detailed brand positioning plan. Search engine optimization teams use our services every day because they need to create and distribute quality content about their clients.Our multi-vertical, extensive database of publication contributors is essentially a kaleidoscope of locations, industries, and scales to meet any business objective. We offer quality media platforms for consumer PR, crises, and internal communications, as well as government relations.

How to distribute a press release like a professional?

Gaining media exposure in a world overflowing with information is a difficult mission.

With press release distribution services such as, a large part of the work is transformed into a few technical actions. That’s why it’s useful to look at how the public relations algorithm has worked before. This is how you traditionally submit your corporate press release.

Write and approve your press release

Press releases can be created using templates that are easily found online. You need to provide information about the company, such as its name, the location where the event will take place, the date of the meeting, and the contact details of the person who can provide more specifics. The content must be official, verified, and full of facts. Remember that a published press release cannot be corrected, so it is better to be careful and coordinate the final version of the text with your management.

Identify the most interesting media platforms for the brand

Media that publish company news must be relevant. They should specialize in the distribution of press releases. Cooperation with industry vertical resources that publish news about your competitors will be useful. Local news platforms at the district or state level are also good for distributing press releases. At the same time, they must have positive traffic dynamics, a good reputation on Google, and high domain authority.

Make a list of journalists and get their contact information

After you have compiled a list of places to publish your press release, it is time to take care of cooperation with journalists. The fact that a contributor, columnist, or editor may either publish your content in full or mention it in their article is indicated by their experience with press releases. Pay attention to whether journalists you are interested in have previously published similar materials. The chances of successful outreach are also increased by a journalist’s active online presence, open social media contacts, Muck Rack profile, and website.

Create a high-quality, compelling offer with an attractive headline

If you prefer to DIY your press releases, it’s great. However, it is better to hire a professional copywriter to write at least the first text. After all, to become effective, a press release must be high-quality. It is important to write concisely, logically, informatively, and, at the same time, easily and attractively so that readers are interested. You need to grab their attention already in the headline. Clickbait also works, but don’t use it too much.

Sending a personalized PR message

In the world of public relations, there is a whole science of cold outreach that you need to know to avoid your message ending up in spam. For example, it is recommended to create personalized emails, which should be sent in groups or individually, using an outdated mailbox. For your communication to be successful, you should find an interesting fact about the journalist, for example, on their social media, and add it to your cover letter. This will increase the personalized approach and improve the chances of establishing cooperation.

Keep in touch actively but not intrusively

If you call back in a day or two after a request to publish a story, it’s perfectly normal. A high-quality press release created by the best practices of search engine optimization is useful for a journalist. You are helping them, not asking for a favor. After all, the more interesting the content, the more traffic it gets. If you’ve sent several emails and there’s no response, your messages are probably just spam. In this case, it’s better to stop and think about ordering press release distribution services from professionals.

What you need to know about a press release

What is a press release?

This is an official statement by a public figure or business. It is needed to provide important information to the media about an event that has already taken place or is yet to take place. The length of such a press release is usually one or two pages. The document is always accompanied by the contact details of the PR specialist, which are then distributed through a network of publishers.

Where can I distribute the press release?

Press releases are usually distributed through both local and global media. You need to contact them directly. Or just order the text distribution from platforms that specialize in this and have well-established media relations. The best press release distribution companies are EIN Presswire, Newswire, Presswire, and

How much does it cost to distribute a press release?

The price of distributing a press release primarily depends on the quality of the domains. Usually, companies publish news for just $100 to spread one press release. In addition, they publish such content for free on their social media and websites. However, the premium distribution of a press release will cost thousands of dollars because it takes place on highly authoritative domains.

How Do I Submit a Press Release Online?

The best way to distribute press releases is through reputable media publishing platforms, like PR Web, Press Wire,, and NewsWire. This is a guaranteed and efficient method to seed your official statement across multiple channels at a time. Some businesses may also choose to reach out to journalists manually by creating a catchy pitch and an attention-grabbing subject line for their press release emails.

How to publish a press release online?

The most effective way to distribute press releases is through reliable platforms such as PR Web,, NewsWire, and Press Wire. They are the best way to distribute your official statement through several channels simultaneously. At the same time, some companies decide to address journalists personally. It’s important to remember that it requires creating interesting subject lines and headlines for your emails that are sure to attract attention.

How to write a press release?

In general, press release templates are available online. In most cases, they have a headline, subheadline, introduction, body, conclusion, and quotes and consist of 100 words. А classic release must contain the contact details of a PR specialist at the end of the text. You can order professional PR copywriting services for just $40 on freelance websites.


Distributing a press release implies sending it to various media outlets to provide information about your company or make a statement and an announcement.

These are PR programs that help companies create and distribute press releases, communicate with media representatives, manage statistics, view open rates, and track media lists.

Find the media that might be interested in your press release. Create a pitch and contact journalists. Submit your press release and track the follow-up actions related to it.

First, you need to register your business, find start-up capital, and buy software. Then the hardest part is to establish business communication with the media, thus creating a list of places to publish press releases.

If you distribute press releases on your own, it can take several days or even weeks. It all depends on your activity. With press release distribution services, it can be done in a few hours.

It all depends on the places of publication, as well as the complexity and scope of the work. In general, the amount can vary from a hundred dollars to several thousand.

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