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Writing a good blog post isn’t as complex as quantum mechanics or nuclear physics. Seriously, when you read this text, you’ll understand how simple it all is.

If that’s the case, why don’t you have many readers and your blog generates low traffic? Why does the bounce rate reach 90%, and readers open the publication only to close it immediately? How is it possible that you’re filling the blog, but the conversion rate is approaching 0%?

Well, it’s simple, but there are nuances. There’s a formula for success. If you don’t know about it if you’re not using it, the blog is dead, and there’s no benefit from it. It’s time to fix the situation. Soon, you’ll know what CTA is, how to combine sense and SEO, and why your company needs TOV. At the same time, you’ll understand how to achieve success through texts regardless of whether you write them yourself or order blog post writing services.

 Why Order Professional Blog Writer Services?

Some posts are easier to create, while others require expertise, proper presentation, and an understanding of the toolkit. To start a blog from scratch, it’s better to order professional text writing services. Managing a corporate blog requires not only understanding the rules of text creation but also how it fits into the overall marketing strategy and content plan. Want to get decent organic traffic, engage the audience from the first line, and sell through the blog? Entrust the task of blog post writing to an author who works in a team.

When you write on your own, you only look at how others do it. When a professional author writes, they work with a business strategist, an SEO specialist, a technical requirements specialist, and an editor. They focus not only on how to write beautifully but also on writing a publication that helps the company achieve its business goals. There’s a difference.

So, a professional author writes a text to achieve three goals: benefit for the reader, benefit for SEO, and benefit for the business.

Yeah, we said it’s a simple task, and it’s easier than launching rockets into space. However, when you entrust the text work to a professional, you:

Save MoneySave TimeGet LeadsGrow Authority
Assigning such tasks to a professional author saves money. The math is simple. The work of a business owner or marketer is expensive. Even the most expensive and professional author’s work costs less.Contact for professional author services that are affordable and effective for SEO and reader engagement.Writing a professional blog post can take up to 16 hours for researching the topic, writing, adapting to technical requirements, editing, and other mandatory stages. Editing and other processes require time as well. Business owners and marketers have limited free time. So, focusing solely on writing publications may leave operational tasks unattended. Writing a compelling blog post makes you visible in the market and helps you find an audience, interest them in your product, and introduce them to the company’s values and mission. Publications on your blog are designed to guide the reader from the first touch to the purchase, and even better — to repeat purchases.The more people hear about you and talk about you, the easier it is for you to sell. Become known as an expert and authority in your field. Blog publications will help you cope with this. Go ahead. You should be recognized, trusted in your opinion, and relied upon. Become someone others want to emulate. Use blog texts for this — it will be your voice that will never be silent.

Why SEO Pros Buy Local Backlinks with


Discover How to Choose the Right Blog Writing Service.  Get it Right!

Want to receive quality content that works? Want to know what a blog post writing service should be like? You need to know about these options.

If you want to create high-quality blog posts but don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself, you can outsource this task. Here are some options available to you.

Freelance WritersIn-House AuthorsSEO Marketing Agency
Hiring freelancers from Fiverr and Upwork can be cheap and convenient for small businesses needing simple non-technical content. However, quality may be inconsistent, and it can be challenging to assess the return on investment if you lack SEO knowledge.For complex niches with high marketing budgets, it’s best to hire a full-time content writer. Examples include oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and NASA-like businesses. This requires an internal marketing and SEO team, along with a writer with an engineering or science background. We provide SEO services that follow Google’s algorithm and reader’s psychology, from start to CMS tagging. Our professionals choose keywords based on parameters, audit competitor blogs, and use terms that resonate with the target audience. We also offer excellent on-page SEO for better organic traffic.

How to Write a Blog Post: A-Z Algorithm from SEO Veterans

Want to make writing your first blog post a process where viral content is born? Want to create posts that will boost your statistics? It’s time to arm yourself with blog post writing tips. Insiders share the secrets of writing top-notch publications: Check out. Why? If you write the texts yourself, you’ll improve them. If freelancers or SEO teams write them, you’ll know if this content will work properly as soon as you see the draft. So, are you ready?

Get Ahead by Beginning Early, Even with Small Steps

When you start SEO, you agree to play the long game. It’s a methodology that takes a lot of time to yield results, but it continues to reward you even when you’re no longer putting in effort. So it’s okay that you’ll have to put in effort with writing a blog post. But since the journey is long, start as early as possible. It may take 1-3 months or even longer for your first articles to get indexed and reach the top of search results. 

So even if you can only publish one piece of content in a while, and it seems like your efforts are futile, they’re not. Gradually move to 1 article per week, and then more. Warm up your domain gradually, and build momentum slowly and patiently until it carries you forward at a frantic pace.

Get to Know Your Rivals

Do you know who your competitors are? It’s necessary to do what they do, but a little more, wider, better. To stand out and go beyond, you need to know where those boundaries are: what these companies write about, what their conversions are, and what tools they use. The more you know about the market you’re trying to penetrate, the stronger the tailwind becomes. Know who you’re competing with. Be better. That’s how you win.

Boost Your Chances: Get a Professional Content Plan

A content plan is a roadmap that allows you to cover the necessary and valuable topics, implement various ideas, test different offers, and achieve better results. It’s worth creating a content plan for the year ahead, detailing by categories which topics and formats to implement each month. The content plan may change or not be fully implemented, and that’s okay. The main thing is that it’s not a random set of topics but aims to achieve marketing goals and contribute to SEO promotion through the use of semantics. 

A quality content plan is based on strategic vision, competitor analysis, and the use of features provided by specialized SEO tools (such as a well-chosen FAQ question or subtopics worth covering). If you are involved in marketing in your company, it will be easier for you to create a content plan. If you’ve never delved into the nuances and intricacies, order a ready-made professional content plan that meets your business goals.

Technical Requirement Sheet Is Your Way to Success

Writing a successful blog post starts with creating a detailed technical requirement sheet. The clearer and more precise the requirements for the text, the better the result you will get. What should be included in the technical requirement sheet? One main keyword, up to a dozen secondary keywords, and up to 15 LSIs. 

You also need to consider which headings and subheadings to use. You can get a ready-made text structure based on an analysis of competitors’ publications or using professional tools. If you don’t know how to create an instruction correctly, download a ready-made template and adapt it to your requirements. Following the provided example, formulate the details that the author will work with.

Create a Content Plan and Follow the ToR with the Best Tools 

Manage your content wisely — and you’ll get more than others. Invest in specialized tools like Ahrefs, MOZ, and Semrush. Otherwise, how will you know if your content is working? How will you know if your publications have appealed to readers and led them to make a purchase? To understand the value of the content you’ve created and to plan your next publications, you need a professional tool. Without it, you’re like a gardener without a shovel. By the way, if you find the aforementioned tools expensive, use Ubersuggest or free tools like Keyword Planner or Google Search Console.

Make Bright Title — Grab Attention 

If it’s not your mom or grandma, she won’t read it. Unless… 

You create a bright title and grab attention. Deal?

“You have 5 seconds. Surprise me,” the reader thinks. 

And you create a headline that catches the eye. Honestly: there are clickbait headlines that don’t match the content. It will attract attention and then crush your authority right there. Don’t do that. Grab attention. Provide value. Promise, guide, be useful. Use numbers, questions, and power words. It sounds less cool. But you’ll maintain a balance between capturing the reader’s attention and the real value your content provides.

Hook Readers from the Start Point

Create a strong intro when writing a blog post.

Hook them from the first sentence by pressing on the problem, pain point, or something the reader will definitely relate to. “Oh, this is about me,” — that’s roughly what the reader should think when they see the first paragraph. Another reason to keep reading is to make the reader smile or ponder. Engage the reader from the start so they continue through the rest of the text to the very end. It’s preferable to include a key phrase in the first paragraph as well. But if you have to choose between an SEO requirement and the opportunity to grab the reader’s attention, choose the latter.

Use Authoritative Stats, Quotes, and Figures

Use statistics to help you. You have ready-made research published by authoritative sources: Gartner, the World Bank, CBInsights, and Bloomberg. Refer to their data when creating valuable content. You increase trust in your words by quoting authoritative publications. This is what you get for free, but you sound much more convincing, confident, and strong.

For example:

Hubspot reported that 69% of marketers invested in SEO in 2021, making websites the second most popular marketing channel after social media.

Break Text Down Visually

Text that looks like a solid canvas will not be read. It feels like heavy work. Remember, there are Reels, short posts on Instagram, and entertaining TikTok videos. You’re competing with this content. So, yours must be better.

Stay concise. Stop repeating the same thing in different words. You only have a few seconds to visually captivate the text — do it, or you’ll drown in the waves of other content that your potential reader will be saturated with.

Become a cheetah in the world of content: capture attention quickly, or your prey will end up in the hands of other predators of the digital world.

Craft Your CTA to Conversion Funnel Stage

The main reason for writing all the text is what you embed in the final paragraph.

This is where the call to action hides: subscribe, comment, buy, like. Want high conversions — tell your readers what you want from them. Infuse passion into your product or service and make the call to action. This step, for some reason, is often ignored and kills conversions.


When creating a CTA, stay realistic — set achievable goals. A customer won’t make a big purchase after reading one text. It’s not enough. If you plan to get a high average check, ask for a subscription: it takes more time to convey more arguments. So, for now, make your reader accidentally your subscriber. It’s no less useful for your business.

Want to learn more about the secrets and life hacks from professional copywriters who have sold products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with their texts? Subscribe to on Facebook. Get outstanding tips on how to create content that sells even sand in the Sahara.

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Choose the offer option that best suits your needs. You can also get a custom pricing plan. We can start working together with a minimum service package so you can experience the quality and convenience of this solution. Feel the benefits before buying monthly content packages.

Blog Post WritingCreation of Technical Articles5 Blog Posts a Month
SEO-optimized blog post20+ languages3-5 day turnaround95% authenticityUnder 3% spam scoreWide range of topicsFormal/casual tone of voice SEO-optimized blog post20+ languages5-10 day turnaround95% authenticityUnder 3% spam scoreIT, medical, electronics, and chemistry topicsFormal/scientific tone of voiceSEO-optimized blog post20+ languages1-20 day turnaround95% authenticityUnder 3% spam scoreWide range of topicsFormal/casual tone of voice
From $50 / 1,000 wordsFrom $100 / 1,000 wordsFrom $200 / 5,000 words
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Blogging Science Insights

How Does Blog Post Writing Work?

Provide as much initial information to the writer when ordering a blog post writing service so that the author can create content based on your values, vision, and goals. It’s also helpful to understand who your competitors are, what tone of voice you have, what the length of the article should be, and which keywords you are targeting in the promotion process. All of this will provide the selected writer with the foundation to create the highest quality content possible. The more thoroughly and detailed the technical task is written, the better the result you will receive. In this case, the workflow algorithm would be as follows: the author receives the task and writes the text, and the editor reviews it and sends it to the client for approval. One round of comments and text revisions is allowed to ensure it perfectly aligns with the client’s vision and goals. After that, the finalized material can be published on the blog.

Why Should I Use a Blog Writer? 

Blog writers are professionals with experience in creating texts that are best suited for publication on websites and receive high levels of views, reactions, and comments. The writer knows how to guide the reader from the first sentence to the call to action or other messages embedded in the article. Furthermore, professional blog writers can integrate keywords into the text in a way that feels organic, natural, and not perceived by search algorithms as something foreign or manipulative. Thus, creating quality content means increasing reader KPIs, improving page rankings on Google, effective interaction with readers, and caring for them. It is cheaper to create one quality publication and achieve flawless results than to fill a website with material that is of no use to either the reader or SEO promotion.

Do Blog Writers Offer Revisions?

Professional writers can produce quality text that meets all parameters and requirements the first time, and this text may not require revisions or corrections. However, it is quite common for clients to receive the material and have certain comments on it. In such cases, after reviewing the client’s feedback, the text is refined, and the writer gains a better understanding of the client’s business specifics, leading to improved results with subsequent publications.

How Long Does Writing a Blog Post Take?

A copywriter who is well-versed in the topic will be able to create a blog post within 8-16 hours, provided that the article will be two thousand words long. A copy of the same text can be created in less time, but often urgency affects the quality of the publication and SEO metrics. The more complex the topic, the greater the word count, and the more requirements, the more time the author will spend writing the text, as deeper research and analysis of a greater number of sources are required.

Examples of Blog Writing

[printscreen of reports]

Find Pro Copywriters for Blogs in 5 Steps

Need help increasing website traffic and showcasing your expertise? Our writers can create content that drives organic traffic to your site. 

Here’s your easy-to-follow guide:

  1. Tell the SEO advisor what you want to write about, the words you want to use, and how long it should be. 
  2. Check out some writers and pick one that’s right for you, comparing their prices, portfolios, and other details. 
  3. Receive the draft and provide comments. 
  4. Receive the final version and upload it via CMS. 
  5. Request that Google index it through the Google Search Console.


How do I go about ordering a blog post from your service?

Ordering a blog post from our service is simple. Just visit our website, select the option to order a blog post, fill out the necessary information, including topic and word count, and proceed to checkout.

How do you ensure the uniqueness and originality of the blog post content?

We guarantee the uniqueness and originality of the blog post content through a thorough process. Our team of writers conducts detailed research on the provided topic and creates each post from scratch. Additionally, we use plagiarism detection tools to verify the originality of the content before delivery.

How long does it typically take for your writers to write one blog post?

Our writers typically write one blog post in a short time frame, depending on factors such as word count, topic complexity, and current workload. However, on average, it takes our writers a few days to complete a blog post. We prioritize quality and ensure timely delivery of all our content.

Is it possible to edit or make changes to a blog post after it has been written?

It is possible to request edits or make changes to a blog post after it has been written. We understand that revisions may be necessary to meet your specific requirements or preferences. Simply contact our support team with your revision requests, and we will work with you to make the necessary adjustments to the blog post until you are satisfied with the final result.