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In modern times of technological development, obtaining high-quality backlinks remains a difficult task, but it is not impossible. For example, some high PR links are available for free. However, to get them, you need to be patient, meticulous, and scrupulous.

For Google, a website’s backlink network is particularly important. After all, the algorithm considers their size and quality are some of the most important factors that affect the ranking in search results. A circle of friends from whom you can learn a lot about a person is, in some ways, reminiscent of backlinks. Let’s look at the best practices for working with them.

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 How to get quality backlinks?

The rules of the game in SEO change frequently. So, getting quality backlinks becomes a science, like chemistry or physics. To achieve a good result, you need to have knowledge and make significant effort.

No wonder backlinks should be handled by specialists. However, if you have some experience and want to do everything on your own, the good news is that it is still possible. However, it takes time and a commitment to self-education. A technical mindset will also be important so that you can use numerous backlink-building tools. At the same time, it is possible to get quality backlinks inexpensively.

Various factors influence how much money a company allocates to marketing. It depends on experience in the market, brand, product, etc. Usually, the amount ranges from 10 to 25% of the project budget. Of this, the lion’s share should be spent on digital marketing, especially if your company wants to be more successful than competitors. Pay attention to the short algorithm of link-building activities below, because next, we will describe the best practices of how to buy quality backlinks cheaply.

1. Choose Methods2. Select donors3. Create Quality Content4. Pitch & Publish
A large arsenal of practices. These include Web 2.0 blogs, guest posts, website contests, press releases and backlink corrections, and software reviews. [See below for a more detailed list of link-building methods].The choice of website methodology for beginners should have 4-7 approaches based on complexity, expected ROI, and, of course, budget.As for companies with particularly high revenues, the cost of services has little or no influence on their choice. In such cases, marketers should have a healthy share of each major SEO activity. To begin with, you should decide on the most important methods to get high-quality backlinks for a website. After that, you can choose donor candidates.When looking for potential linking sites, you should pay special attention to the following aspects:Relevance.Quality design.The impression made by the site.Traffic dynamics.Good DR/DA indicators [a natural link network will have both high and low PR links].Adequate ratio of outbound and inbound links.If you are a newcomer using cold outreach, the conversion rate can range from 5% to 30%. Therefore, make sure that your domain list is of a proper length.Any information campaign requires good content.To buy high-quality backlinks from Bloomberg and Forbes competitors, texts must be of excellent writing. Otherwise, they will not even be considered. The more reputable the publication, the more serious the verification process. Grammatical errors or inappropriate metaphors are simply unacceptable.At the same time, drawing up technical requirements for an article and researching keywords can take quite a lot of time.It’s more convenient to hire a copywriter who knows English and SEO basics well and can quickly create high-quality text. Outreach should not be taken lightly, as it is a rather energy-consuming process with many ignored messages and negotiations.To find the right email addresses of people who can publish content, such as editors and webmasters, you must be sure that you use the best possible outreach tools.A clear presentation with a lucrative offer for the webmaster will be especially useful.If the link is published as a no-follow link, try asking for a do-follow tag. After that, you need to offer something in return. Even a mention on social media will be useful.The influence of the link on the rankings must be tracked. This will be useful when creating a successful location.

Why Use for Buying High-quality Backlinks?

Advantages of high-quality links compared to low-quality links


Often, a site that reaches a DA of 40+ attracts several spammy links from crawlers. In general, low-quality spam links are quite natural. Google’s powerful ML-based algorithm is good at distinguishing between them, as it uses the best artificial intelligence innovations. The chronological dynamics and correlation of low-quality links mean they can be neutral, negative, or even positive for ranking purposes.

In general, the quality of backlinks is comparable to books. Your intellectual development will certainly be better influenced by a dozen works by Nobel Prize winners than by thousands of children’s fairy tales. So, it is high-quality links that have the highest return on investment. experts can say this with confidence, given their more than ten years of experience with SEO services.

Should it be worth considering a high-quality backlink service? The sooner you get these benefits, the better.

Increasing DR & PAIncreasing organic trafficWork on a positive image
The PR factor of a domain is influenced by both the number and quality of inbound links. This is described by the original Page Rank formula.Receiving votes of trust from high PR domains has a particularly high impact on strengthening the reputation of your resource on the Internet.The thing is that pages with high PA and sites with high DR get more impressions in the course of a regular search and a cheaper cost per click due to their high trustworthiness.The customer buys high-quality backlinks with a clear purpose. They provide good thematic relevance for the site they are directed to. This is because the organic traffic from these donors has a similar demographic resonance to the customer’s ICP business.As a result, organic traffic to your company’s website increases. You can observe its change when the audience on your website turns from just interested in the brand into a niche.Typically, 9 out of 10 users will check their balance first before making a purchase.The first page offered by Google must be filled with positive opinions about your company. Provided that you have chosen quality backlinks SEO, this task can take six months.It’s worth paying attention to what the ideal first-page search results should look like for brand search. Our clients include Forbes, Quora, LinkedIn, Medium, .edu, and .gov.

How to build high-quality backlinks?

Google’s tools work in such a way that quality backlinks are best when they are regular editorial links. At the same time, even publishers with a DA of 80+, which are the most authoritative on the market, allow sponsored content. And it is official. This raises the question: does Google’s algorithm reject links marked as “sponsored?” Or, perhaps, it uses them to train its AI? The bottom line is that many webmasters are ready to share some of their links. Of course, it is against the rules to pay with money in such situations. However, it is possible to exchange various intangible values, which makes it easier to bypass the strict checks of the search engine.

Let’s take a closer look at a collection of tips that will help you get the best quality backlink services.

1. Create an article with high-quality verified statistics

Informative content that includes deep research and is full of verified statistics usually has a fairly high chance of generating organic backlinks. The most authoritative texts are those that contain percentages and figures. The same information is confirmed by 87% of professional copywriters. [This fact, by the way, is fictitious. We used it to confirm our thesis. All jokes aside, technical requirements of for authors necessarily include a recommendation to introduce 2-3 statistical facts. This significantly increases reader trust].

2. Analyse other services

This can be done on review sites. They allow links in profiles. For example, if you use AWS or Salesloft products, you can leave a review about them by mentioning your company in the profile. Make sure that the description you provide is complete. This allows the system to rank such feedback high among others, which gives more authority to links.

3. Organise a local event and invite journalists

One of the most powerful SEO techniques is local link building. Small companies use this as a top priority. However, even large multinational organizations benefit from this optimization technique. They usually build a large network of local links into their strategy. This is a solid foundation for both international and national publishers. Offline activities are a good reason to invite journalists. It can be an outdoor or indoor event, such as an industry conference. The effect of such meetings is usually positive.

4. Get involved in content syndication on media

Powerful donor sites are useful for this process. For example, according to Moz, has a DA of 95. Like LinkedIn, it is a large media publisher with a multi-million audience, which makes it an ideal platform for content syndication. In addition, some other tricks help you get more out of publishing articles on this donor site.

  1. Publish the original text on the resource as a guest post. It should not have syndication or any canonical links leading to your website.
  2. If you create a syndicate, you can publish a part of the content and provide a link to the full version of the article on your website.
  3. For fully syndicated articles, it is important to add a canonical link to your website.

5. Use Web 2.0 sites to create profiles for free

You can create a business profile on websites like WordPress, BlogPost, Wix, Giphy, and Tumblr in a few minutes. Every high-quality backlink list has several dozen other reputable websites in addition to these resources. They allow you to create a profile for your business free of charge.

The quality of the work directly depends on the time spent on it, because filling out the profile and adding effective keywords without repetitive content requires effort.

6. Take care of descriptive keyword images and interesting infographics

It is known that 72 % of consumers use visual search before making an online purchase. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the illustrative nature of your business. The easiest way to get more traffic is to create a visual effect for your keyword. For infographics, you can, for example, use resources such as Crello and Canva. The whole process will take less than an hour. After that, you should check the image search results. This will help you understand what you are competing with for organic links from this particular type of activity.

7. Help your authors

It should be understood that journalists usually work to a very tight deadline. In addition, they often need to cater to viral trends that have a short lifespan. For these reasons, media professionals are looking for as many qualified opinions as possible from different sources. This makes it possible to create high-quality content that best suits the editor-in-chief’s order. Requests for comments or opinions on an article are in most cases urgent. Therefore, if you are registered on several HARO platforms and can respond in a meaningful, logical, and prompt manner, you have the opportunity to get a high-quality link.

8. Collaborate with the Forbes Council in your niche

The Forbes Council is one of the most effective formats for interacting with the readership and customers of your business. However, virtual clubs of this type have strict entry requirements [for example, the minimum annual revenue of an applicant company should start at one million dollars]. The annual membership fee can be several thousand dollars. It is quite difficult to become a part of such associations but well worth it because virtual clubs provide many new opportunities for work on the Internet.

9. Check the quality of backlinks with the help of a leading software

Choosing a donor site is an extremely important and thorough process, as there are many critical parameters to consider. You should take them seriously to get the best benefit. For example, Moz, Semrush, and Ahrefs use sophisticated reporting and crawling algorithms to review the technical performance of each link, keyword, anchor, etc.

10. Create a contest to be posted on EDU sites

It’s important to remember that not all domain extensions are equally effective. Generic top-level domains like .studio and .site have only recently begun to be subject to email verification. The most trusted extensions in 2023 are .edu and .gov, although only .org, .net, and .com were legal 10 years ago. You can hold a contest, for example, for graphic design with a prize fund of only $500 and publish information about it on dozens of websites with the .edu domain.

Choose your ideal link-building service

We specialize in providing high-quality backlinks in various niches. These can be the IT sector, entertainment, trade, finance, construction, e-learning, and cryptocurrency. The advantage of our link-building platform is a database of over 44 thousand donor sites. All of them are pre-verified and have a positive connotation. We also have established relationships with major media outlets. Such as, for example, Forbes.

Whether you need to support your strategy with links from reliable websites that have high Google rankings or want to accelerate your product launch with articles in leading publications in your industry, we can help you with this quickly and efficiently. You can choose from our most popular offers or order the development of a customized package that will take into account the unique needs of your brand.

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Insights about link-building

·     What is the essence of high-quality links?

High-quality links are relevant to the subject on donor sites with a domain authority score of 80+. They indicate to Google’s algorithms a high level of trust in the resource, as they are quite significant for other authoritative websites with millions of organic traffic to link to.

·     How many high-quality backlinks should I have?

In short, the more, the better, as long as they are genuine editorial links, of course. When following the roadmap for securing high-quality backlinks, it is important to remember to take into account Google’s guidelines. Also, of great importance are the patterns of link acquisition, including the ratio of follow/no follow, time intervals, anchor text, etc.

·     How to get high-quality backlinks without using guest posts?

Guest posting is only one option among a variety of link-building methods. Other options include creating a profile on Crunchbase, publishing press releases, organizing contests on .edu sites, joining the Forbes council, creating valuable content such as infographics, and registering on startup marketplaces.

·     How many quality backlinks do you need to rank?

A lot depends on the content. Some terms have low keyword complexity. They are easy to compete with because these keywords don’t attract a lot of commercial traffic. Others, on the contrary, are magnets for thousands of companies. To get them to the first page of Google, especially to the top 3, you need hundreds of high-quality premium links.

·     How many quality backlinks is it safe to have per month?

What is the safe backlink count for CNN? There are no restrictions. The main idea is that the higher the authority of your site, the better. If a resource attracts thousands or millions of users every day, the less likely it is to attract attention with too many links. If your site has been created relatively recently, you can start with 10 links, increasing the number of them by 20% each month.

Examples of Proper Local Building: Donor Sites

[here you can provide several cards from your website’s library with media files and their characteristics].

Get high-quality backlinks for cheap

That is, relatively cheap. We cooperate with leading media and have wholesale rates with them. There is a high probability that if you contact them directly, you will pay more and put in extra effort and time. The option to buy them through other possible platforms will also be more expensive.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Define the ideal outcome of this campaign for your business. Tell our team members about it in as much detail as possible.
  2. After receiving the email, approve the budget, schedule, and list of donor sites.
  3. Participate in discussing the idea and creating quality content.
  4. Check the schedule for publishing your content. It should be clear and, most importantly, consistent.

Analyze reports on clicks, traffic, and key indicators.

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Letting high-quality links become my DA

Нow to get high-quality backlinks?

They are usually bought or considered for free placement.

Нow many high-quality backlinks do I need?

It depends on the traffic on your website. If it has just started working, you can get 10 links and then increase their number by 20 % every month. If you have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visits, the more backlinks the better.

How to build high-quality backlinks?

You can add them manually, but it’s better to attract organic, high-quality links with valuable content or send a request to website owners. However, the fastest and most effective solution is to simply buy backlinks.

Where to get high-quality backlinks?

To get high-quality backlinks, you need to work with online communities on topics relevant to your site on social networks and local and niche-targeted directories, as well as create content for guest blogs and post reviews on other sites.

What are high-quality backlinks?

A backlink is a link from another website that directs a visitor to your page. It is one of the most useful tools for SEO.

How to get backlinks from high PR sites?

Some of the high PR links are available for free. However, they require time and effort. You need to choose the methods of work, compile a list of donors, create high-quality content, and then offer it to PR sites on the Internet and publish it.

How to get high PR backlinks?

Many webmasters are willing to share some of their links. However, payment in cash is against the rules. But it is possible to exchange various intangibles.

How to get backlinks from high-authority sites?

Create an article with high-quality verified statistics that reputable websites will want to publish. You can also organize an offline event and invite journalists. In addition, joining the Forbes council will be useful.

How to get high-authority backlinks?

The methods are the same as for high-quality links. However, the sources of links should be sites with high DA (domain authority) and DR (domain rank).

What are high-authority backlinks?

They are links from web resources that are highly authoritative and have a positive impact on the overall link profile.